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Finding the time to sift through pages of information on the web, or in a file can be time consuming and overwhelming for already overworked and time-crunched teachers and social workers. The Arc of Western Wayne County knows how hard you work and how busy you are helping the people you support.

How can The Arc help you?

Information and referral

The Arc of Western Wayne County maintains a plethora of information and referral sources at our fingertips from summer camps to attorneys to alternatives to guardianship. We are happy to help you locate the information you are looking for.

We also offer, through our After I’m Gone program, training opportunities on a variety of topics such as Person Centered Planning and Self Determination, Estate Planning, Transition and Community Participation, Creative Hosting Options, Social Security and Medicaid and Mental Health Services. See the 2011-2012 After I’m Gone flyer.

Independent facilitation of
person centered plans

The Arc of Western Wayne County has a great deal of experience facilitating person centered plans for people with disabilities. We are available to facilitate plans for people receiving services through the Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency.

For assistance, contact our Systems Navigator at 734.729.9100.

Alternatives to guardianship

The Arc of Western Wayne County, through partnership with The Arc of Northwest Wayne County, offers information and assistance with the many alternatives to guardianship available to families who have a member with a disability. The Guardianship Alternatives Information Network (GAIN) program offers training sessions to professionals and families on the importance of investigating alternatives to guardianship for people with disabilities. The GAIN program also offers one-on-one help from an attorney in developing and executing appropriate alternatives for each person seeking assistance.

Contact the GAIN program toll free at 866.365.3231.

Fiscal Intermediary Services

The Arc of Western Wayne County has been acting as Fiscal Intermediary for people with disabilities receiving services through Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency since 1992. In this capacity, we help people pay bills such as rent, utilities and transportation based on their budget. We can also receive dollars from the mental health system to pay staffing expenses for people.

The Take Charge Helpline

This automated telephone information and referral system, provided by The Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health System, includes hundreds of scripts. It provides information on topics such as Advocacy and Service Provider Agencies in Wayne County that can assist people with disabilities, Benefits, Education, Recreation and Leisure, Recipient Rights and a host of other topics important to people with disabilities and their families.

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The Arc of Western Wayne has been a dominant leader in advocating not only on behalf of individuals with disabilities and their families, but also in advocating for significant change in our public system from one that focuses on the disability to one that focuses on having
a life where the disability doesn’t matter.

- Jim Dehem

Community Living Services, Inc.