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Michigan Campaign for Quality Care

The Michigan Campaign for Quality Care, is a statewide, non-partisan, grassroots group, seeking better care, better choices, and better quality of life, for Michigan's long term care consumers.  The Campaign arose from consumers' and their family members dissatisfaction with their experiences, in Michigan nursing homes, and from a shared conviction that consumers working together, and drawing on their own experiences, can make a difference.

The Campaign plans to create opportunities for consumers from around the state, to share their experiences about nursing home care, and gather from those experiences, consumer-oriented changes in the law and regulations governing nursing homes.

Their goals are to improve standards of care for nursing homes, as well as to strengthen and increase the frequency of state inspections of facilities.  They also want to increase high quality care choices and competition, and to provide consumers with opportunities to learn about quality and services, at existing facilities.  Lastly, a major goal is to promote care practices and approaches that improve nursing home residents' daily lives.

If you would like more information, please contact the Michigan Campaign for Quality Care, at 269-353-6445, or visit them online at

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