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Federation of Youth Services

Federation of Youth Services has nine locations throughout metropolitan Detroit.  The administrative offices are located at 548 East Grand Boulevard in Detroit Michigan.  The phone number is 313-267-4465.

The Federation of Youth Services was founded as the Federation of Girls Homes in 1966 as a result of the merger between Delta Home and Williams House.  Williams House was established in 1921 by the Women’s Episcopal Group of the Diocese of Michigan to provide housing for pregnant adolescents.

In June of 1947, the Detroit Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority founded Delta Home to provide residential and treatment services to adolescent African-American females who began encountering the judicial system.

The Federation of Girls Homes became the Federation of Youth Services and in 1994 began providing services to young men through the Transitional Living/Supervised Independent Living Program.

The Federation of Youth Services offers residential services, transitional living, teen parent supportive housing and outreach, employability skills and financial management training, tutorial program and a volunteer program.

For more information, contact The Federation of Youth Services at 313-267-4465.

Phone code: 2136


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